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The Magnetosphere, Power Grids and You

A spectacular solar flare photographed by the ...

Is the sun our friend? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As if there isn’t enough to worry about. Well, astrophysics and associated phenomena is-what-it-is. We didn’t make the laws or the cycles of our solar system. The topic is of high interest and should be followed, the effects being devastating when they occur.

Another possible problem in 2012-2016 period not being discussed much of anywhere:  The changing magnetosphere and solar events.

A repeat of the 1859 ‘Carrington’ event has been warned about for years. I was first introduced to understanding this when I was detailed to the Air Force Palehua Solar facility at Kapolei on Oahu. The facility was run by the brother (an Air Force Captain) of a Navy CommanderI worked with at Wahiawa, Hi., NAVCAMSEASTPAC, on the other side of the island. He arranged the visits and had suggested our team spend some time understanding solar phenomena in conjunction with Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP) effects on our SIGINTMASINT and COMINT systems.

After a ‘global radio blackout’ (GRB) event occurred in 1977, that went on from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on location, a group of us were detailed down to Palehua to learn more about solar events. It was the first time I heard the term

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Pimping For NASA

Space Elevator GEO Station

Space Elevator GEO Station (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)

Recently I watched Neil deGrasse Tyson hold a discussion at the New York Museum (03/15/2012) on the future of NASA through his book “Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier.” For a supposedly “forward thinker” his views on NASA and future space development have a decidedly rearward and reactionary view.

Normally, I enjoy the talks and presentations of Neil deGrasse Tyson on space. He is an accomplished astrophysicist who has successfully turned his background into popular entertainment; something not easy for most any scientist to do. And it’s something important to help keep science in front of the People in a very unscientific population.

Recently I watched a talk that he gave on the future of space development at the New York Museum. He seemed to be quite on track with most of his points on what was wrong with the NASA programs and why we were falling behind in ongoing space development. However, when he reached his conclusion point, he flew completely off the rails and never came back.

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The Fallacy of Voting for the Lesser Evil

The quadrennial full-court press is underway by establishment Republicans and Democrats to run the recycled “A vote for a 3rd Party candidate is a vote for Obama/Romney” scam. Neither the logic nor the reasoning works. In fact, it’s un-American. It’s still voting for evil and it shows.

The concepts of the “lesser of two evils” principle or negative voting in elections are concepts both evil and un-American.  Not surprisingly, following such concepts have brought us to the situation we find the country in today. To continue further will, at best, postpone the inevitable and only create a larger “bouncing-of-the-rubble” effect. Plus, the two have more than a couple obvious and fatal flaws.

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Yet More (Old) Constitutional Chicanery

The history of bad Supreme Court decisions is very long and growing longer each session. Here’s another from 46 years ago, Reynolds v Simms, that has massive implications which no state has addressed.

Recently, I was informed the US Supreme Court decision Reynolds v Simms was raised in objection to a Resolution presented at the Idaho GOP Summer Meeting. The Resolution called for a return to “one county, one senator” representation in the Idaho Senate.

The Simms decision supposedly says they can’t do that at the state level. Simms is yet another of the most egregiously un-constitutional and anti-Republic SCOTUS decisions of modern times. It appears to be another perfect example, of complete federal dysfunction and a badly behaving Court, one that demands an Act of Nullification be passed by the Idaho legislature to tell the Feds to “butt-out.” Simms contorted and extended apportionment to

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The Plan for a Constitutional Sheriff in Every County

Having a practicing Constitutional Sheriff in every county in the United States is an ambitious, vital and worthwhile goal for Liberty organizations to pursue in each county. Here is a plan for doing so.


Second only to Renewal of the Republic at the Citizen level is the goal of ‘re-constituting’ the role of the Constitutional Sheriff in every County in America. Having the Citizens realizing and re-taking their role as the true Rulers of the Republic is required to begin working in every public forum, not just showing up on election day. To facilitate development it should be pursued in a responsible, accountable and proactive manner in all public venues. That is the highest priority in any overall plan for Renewal and Restoration of the Republic.

However, even with more Citizens functioning properly again with government councils, commissions and legislatures at the local, state and federal level, the next priority is having County Sheriffs working correctly with the Citizens and the other local officials to restore and effect the Republic in law.

Today, most County Sheriffs have no better understanding of the organizing principles of the Republic, the State and federal Constitutions or their own County charters, than the average citizen. Tragically, most also have no understanding of their historic or actual role as

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