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Nullification — Right Time, Right Now

This is the text of the testimony I will be giving at the Committee hearing on Wednesday May 5, concerning SJR10-1045.

You all know the litany of ills coming out of Washington, DC these days and piling-in on top of the states:

HealthCare, Gun control, Energy and Air Quality laws and regulation, Endangered Species and environmental control, Food and Drug regulations, Real Estate, Financial and banking regulation, the list is simply endless…

The states, for their part, have been either caving-in to the Feds on each of these issues successively or attempting to fight stop-gap individual measures through the Federal Courts; almost wholly to no avail. The goose-step march to nationalistic submission by the states continues apace.

However, there is one tool left to the states where the Feds can be stopped dead in their tracks: Nullification. SJR-1045, in front of the Committee today represents the first step in the process that should be embraced by both parties and all state legislators. That is, if they care about

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Caucus, Assembly, Issues, Ideas and Candidates

Recent events and obvious deficiencies in the Caucus/Assembly process one again expose the establishment manipulation of the process. This article is the first in a three-part series examining the Caucus/Assembly process and the need to end it.

Recent events in various statewide campaigns raise again both the inadequacy and inefficiency of the Caucus/Assembly process for picking the best ideas and candidates for office in Colorado.

The most prominent example is the abandonment of the Assembly nominating process by the establishment candidates for US Senate of each major Party; the Democrat Michael Bennet and the Republican Jane Norton. Obviously, fearing the Caucus/Assembly process is not going to work to their advantage this time, they have both abandoned the process to Petition-on the primary ballot in August. After having wasted an enormous amount of time and energy following the establishment process, the grassroots delegates are being left in the dust by the Party establshment candidates.

This is becoming an increasing trend in both parties in recent Congressional, statewide and local seats. The attempt is both cynical and instructive. A short review of the history of the Caucus/Asembly system is in order.

As a Democrat Party creation during the 20s and 30s the open Caucus/Assembly process is basically incompatible with the needs of a Republic the same as the system that preceded it. Democrats began developing the open-caucus process to expand and deepen the

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CyberSecurity Act of 2009

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I’m still not worried about such things as the CyberSecurity Act of 2009. It’s not an issue of the Liberty movement. If it were, we’d already be dead or completely under control. The article and the bill have pretty much exactly the same elements we discussed last year that I said would make them impossible to implement.

Franck Journoud, a policy analyst with the Business Software Alliancetold in April:

But many in the technology sector believe it’s a job the government is ill-equipped to handle. Simply put, who has the expertise? It’s the industry, not the government. We have a responsibility to increase and improve security. That responsibility cannot be captured in a government standard.

Wow, that was polite. I would have simply asked, “Other than DARPA (small-scale research), what large-scale network has the government ever engineered and maintained?” All of its networks are designed, engineered built and maintained, except for portions of DoD, by civilian companies. Even in DARPA, most of the researchers and engineers are hired contractors from the private sector. However, even the hired guns would find this task daunting.

Plus the fact that the technique involved to “shut it down” would have to

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Announcing the El Paso County TEA Party

The Gadsden flag

The Gadsden flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, Sunday, April 18th, The El Paso county TEA Party was officially formed. As many of the local liberty/patriot groups were invited to attend as could be contacted.

The list of groups represented were:

The formation was initiated as a result of the Tax Day TEA Party in Acacia Park this past Thursday. The formalization allows the TEA Party movement to more effectively grow and generally promote the TEA Party and to ensure the ongoing nonpartisan nature of the movement is maintained. Sunday’s meeting was meant to rectify that by the various groups electing a nine member board and that board to further elect a chair, various officers and to establish specific duties for the board.

It was expressed by the group representatives present that we will only gain the trust and support of ALL Americans with common principles and goals that best reflect the demand for freedom and Liberty for all Americans.

The results of that election were:

  • Amy Mitchell Chairwoman
  • Jeff Wright Vice-Chairman
  • Don Rogers Treasurer
  • Paul Prentice Secretary
  • Nina Rodriguez
  • Chuck Baker
  • Chuck Graybill
  • Andy Colon
  • Jeff Crank

This action became necessary so that El Paso County TEA Party rallies never again take on the air of a political party rally. The movement that comprises the TEA Party, as initiated, is not associated with any particular party and its participants are as disillusioned with the Republican party as we are with the Democrats. It is understood by all involved that both parties are leading this great nation into financial ruin.

The goal of the El Paso County Tea Party is to re-establish America’s founding principles of limited government, free markets, and private property rights.

An official Mission Statement and platform are to be forthcoming but the original principles the El Paso county TEA Party supports are:

  • Constitutional (both state and federal) government
  • Drastically reduced taxes and spending/sound currency
  • Individual rights and responsibilities

The El Paso county TEA Party welcomes all citizens of this nation, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, libertarians, unaffiliated, and disillusioned alike.

Although many individuals have chosen candidates to support, the EPC TEA Party will not be endorsing any candidates at this time.

The EPC TEA Party welcomes and encourages all interested parties to affiliate and join in order to further strengthen and expand the development of the overall movement in El Paso County.

For more information contact Chuck Baker (719) 577-4857 [email protected]

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