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The Colorado Democrats Have Really “Screwed the Pooch” This Time

Colorado Democrats are high-fiving and back-slapping each other over the passage of the “Foul Five” gun bills in Colorado. They fail to realize the enormity of the mistake they’ve made. They believe that a right can be slowly legislated out of existence. Not understanding, in any truly meaningful way, what constitutes a ‘right’ is the beginning of the end of the Democrats as anything related to a legitimate ideology. Some would say that happened years ago but I gave them a large benefit of the doubt up until the last two years. Man, they’ve proved they’re just gone and some Republicans are not far behind.

It’s taken 30 years to rile me up to the point of truly “spittin’ mad,” as a friend of my Dad’s used to say. But I’m there. In some places, with Colorado topping the list this week, Democrats have become so egregiously stupid, it’s become hard to put into words the actions of these monumental fools but that’s what they are. Egregiously stupid, monumental fools. Tools of the Little Emperor from New York City. NEW YAWK CITY?!

Now we see Mark Kelly, Gabby’s husband “the astronaut,” was out buying his own AR-15 and 1911 .45 ACP and large-capacity magazines because he needs them but you and I can’t have them. And Gabby’s right there, sporting her own AR-15 for the camera before her last election. You can’t make this stuff up, it falls out of the sky like springtime snowflakes in the Rockies, everyday.

I don’t live in Colorado anymore and thank goodness for that, I guess. I left when I realized it was ‘game over’ there from the number of statist-authoritarian Republicans, combined with even worse statist-authoritarian Democrats, as a disastrous recipe for the next decade in that state. I was tired after two decades of fighting both sets of the slightly differing stupidity. I wanted some fresh air.

Now I live in Idaho, which is apparently going through its own form of

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The “Conventional Wisdom” Trap

Bear trap

Bear trap (Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society)

Events now race ahead at an ever-quickening pace toward the fiscal and financial Armageddon just down the road. Meanwhile politicians, pundits and plutocrats move to denial faster than the Coyote runs off the cliff chasing the Roadrunner. Our ‘leaders’ play games in Washington, D.C. Soon, all will have to look down at some point. That Day of Reckoning still lies ahead. Oh boy, what a day that will be….

As we all watch the “Sequestration and Fiscal/Budget/Debt Limit” sideshow, know that you’re watching the opening gambit of the “Grand Correction.”

I’ve recently been traveling around the state of Idaho to various Republican, conservative and TEA Party events as part of the opening gambit for promoting my book, “The Citizen’s Last Stand: Are YOU Ready?”  It contains a full chapter on the “Grand Correction” to enable the reader to begin to comprehend what’s coming just down the road from the daily sideshow seen on their TV.  Well, seen at least by those not absorbed by sports and NASCAR.  Do those folks think that by ignoring fiscal and financial calamity, because it’s so distasteful, it goes away?  They will be in for the biggest surprise of all when the 2×4 smacks them “upside the head.”

The GOP, conservative and TEA Party groups seem to be in a funk. Not surprising.  Little local money is being raised, interest is flagging and groups are growing smaller.  Only in a couple of counties did enthusiasm seem to be higher and numbers up a bit.  However, raising money for the party still seems to be in

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The Importance of the “Public Lands Disposal” Movement

Utah’s HB-148 was introduced, passed and signed by Governor Gary Herbert in March of 2012. Though for the most part flying well below the radar in media and general interest, the “Public Lands Disposal” Movement set off by HB-148 is growing faster than a prairie wildfire. This is not your Granddaddy’s “Sagebrush Rebellion;” not by a long shot.

The brainchild and nearly single-handed effort initiated by State Representative Ken Ivory of Utah, HB-148-the Transfer of Public Lands Act (TPLA), is spreading through the western states faster than one can say, “Bureau of Land Management.”

The purpose of TPLA is very simple; it makes a fundamental demand of the federal government to complete the disposal and extinguishment of title of the United States territorial lands ceded to the states upon admission to the Union.  It directs that process for Utah be completed by December 31, 2014.  At its root it is simply a collection demand on an original obligation that has not been met by

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Now What, Genius?

Current unemployment numbers are showing a false decline or, at least, short-lived. A break down of the current state of the government and US ledger as a whole shows the national family budget is in deep Kim-chi.

When the central bank and government inject trillions of dollars in fake money into the economy to keep it propped up, over just a few years, does anyone really expect that will have no effect?  The downside is all those injections have to eventually be withdrawn and repaid.  Notice how less than 20% of the jobs lost have been recovered.  Unfortunately, they won’t be recovered before the economy turns south again.

Look at this example of a family budget:

Gross household income:  $2,400
Annual Expenses: $3,600
Credit Card debt at 2.7%: $16,400
Annual credit card interest payments: $443
Additional annual CC debt added: $1,200
Net Principal of Outstanding Mortgage (net present value of unfunded liabilities):  $132,000 (no principal or interest payments currently made).  Annual net additions to principal mortgage debt:  $11,000.

Now add 9 zeros and you have the current status of the Federal Government’s “household budget.”  Want to do the economy as a whole?

Gross household income (GDP):  $15,200
Annual gross expenses:  $12,400
Net income from Gross annual income: $2800
Credit Card debt at 5.5% (Gross public, private, corporate debt):  $54,000
Annual credit card interest payments: $2970
Additional annual CC debt: $3,300
Net Principal of Outstanding Mortgage (unfunded liabilities):  $259,600 (no principal or interest payments currently made).
Annual net additions to principal mortgage debt:  $14,800 (gross public and private, additions to debt; net present value).

Now add 9 zeros and you have the current status of the United States Economy as a whole including the feds, states, public, private and individual economic status on the accrual basis.  You want to know why no one is going to lend the Feds any more money on the open market and the Federal reserve will continue to increase its purchases of federal debt?  You want to know why we’ll soon find it hard for anyone else to lend any US debt sellers, public or private, any more money?  It’s right there for any one to see.  For the economic illiterates this is called “insolvency.”

There’s only one question to ask the government and mainstream pundits and economists out there: Now what, genius?

The State of Denial

America is always on a collision course with Destiny. Since 1750, it has been in a constant state of remaking the future to be both a reflection of the past and a view through the prism of the present. However, beginning about 4 decades ago, America entered the ‘Endless Hall of Mirrors.’ In 2012, America has only come to inhabit the State of Denial.

Today, most Americans seem to think it is more desirous to deny both the past and the present and wander through the Hall smiling at the distorted reflections that come back. It’s as if they believe they can stay in the Family Funhouse forever and never have to leave and rejoin reality. Their refusal to deal with certain realities is going to cost all of us.

So it goes. It seems to be trite and cliché to write, “America at the Crossroads.” However, to anyone that hasn’t been completely dumbed-down and anesthetized by our educational and media propaganda system, that’s where we stand today. Anyone that has even a modest and tenuous connection with understanding actual political-economic operation should, by now, know that’s

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