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Kabuki Theater at Its Finest

What's on at the Kabuki Theatre

What’s on at the Kabuki Theatre (Photo credit: welovepandas)

Make no mistake, we’re all being played like a big ol,’ Mississippi catfish. All the gnashing, crashing and flip-flopping around in Washington, D.C., is not the sound and look of political negotiation being played out. It is nothing more than a giant Kabuki stage where the country is being set-up for the next act in its destruction.

The real question is:  Are there really any living, breathing Americans left who do not know they’re being played?  If so, it’s hard to understand how anyone could fail to see the stage props being set-up, with Kabuki players and hand-puppets so obviously on display.

The Republican and Democrat leadership in Congress, and President Obama, already know the outcome: Appear to solve another incremental piece of the problem but actually solve nothing. Kick the bulk of the problem down the road.  No serious plan, not one, has been put on the table and subjected to real debate.  None.  The profligacy is about to reach truly monumental proportions.  Government will enlarge out of this process, not shrink.

Practically, the disaster of accruing published deficits of $1.0-$1.3 trillion and unpublished annual deficits of $10-12 trillion per year, “as far as the eye can see,” will remain in place.  It doesn’t matter what “deal” may be struck by some “stroke-of-midnight, fiscal cliff,” December 31st drop-dead date.  It doesn’t matter; right up to the point that no one, anywhere on the open market, is buying any of the US Treasury-issued debt past or present.  At that point the Federal Reserve will be the only

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Swarm Intelligence, Political Movements and Intelligent Conservation

A significant body of work has been accomplished the last few years regarding some fundamental animal and insect behavior and the relationship of some simple algorithms to individual and mass human behaviors. The work is strikingly exciting, especially, for how easily it debunks scads of in-vogue, century-old social and political theories. Those theories are based on 19th Century abstract thinking in political-economy from a bunch of complete cheeseheads (no offense intended toward Wisconsin).

I’ve written on GDT a number of times of how human behavior is naturally individual and not “collectivist” in any objectively discernible way.  It is the study of the natural world that proceeds to explain more and more of who we are, as humans, too.  The research and published work also continues to confirm that all intelligent behavior and organization is based on definably individual behavior and action.  The “intelligence of crowds” operates on the same principles as the “intelligence of colonies” in the insect and animal kingdoms.  The idea of the “social mind,” as social theorists want to explain it as a top-down, centralized control paradigm, is not only a myth but demonstrably dangerous to people.

The artificial construction of so-called “socialized behavior” and collectivism is a false one.  It is a completely impaired social and political theory of those who refuse to acknowledge or understand why

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The 2012 Election is a Turning Point, Just Not the One We Think

Many folks have described the 2012 Election as “the most important in decades.” Well, that could be but not in the ways or for the reasons that most people describe.

“Thank goodness the 2012 Election is over!” I’ve heard and seen that sigh of relief more than once the last couple weeks. No disagreement on that score,here. Now it would seem relevant to look at what the election accomplished before the cries of “2016!” start rising across the landscape. In some places they already have. All I can say is “OMG! Not again, not this soon!” Maybe, we should spend some time looking to see what we gained from the elections just passed before moving immediately to promote the next one.

Many touted 2012 as the “most important in decades.” That was doubtful from the outset. Historically, the most important elections of the past were those that

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The Downside to Nationalism

English: American students pledging to the fla...

American students pledging to the flag in a former form of the salute, specifically the Bellamy salute . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a reason why secessionist talk still runs through American discourse–America was born of secession. Today, what’s looked at as fringe, was mainstream when the country was founded and for about 60 years. Then it all started to break down. The breakdown proceeded through the Civil War and then accelerated in the late 19th Century.

There’s a very practical down-to-earth reason secession remains of interest: Large, centrally-controlled entities simply don’t work in the long-run, they are ultimately highly inefficient (even though appearing for awhile to be efficient) and they tend to break up on their own anyway. Actually large, centrally-controlled organization as a process is mostly an artifact of 19th and 20th century industrialization.  We’re beginning to see how that has likely run its course for both business and government. It is gasping for air in the throes of its own disassembly.

It should be obvious that America was not founded as a large, centrally-controlled anything. The states were meant to be their own mini-countries, the “laboratories of Democracy,” tied together in a loose federation having minimal centralized and very limited functions. That distribution of power and control was meant to be the

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The Larger Importance of Colorado’s Amendment 64

Live Free Or Die

Live Free Or Die (Photo credit: jcbwalsh)

At first glance, many people will assume that the passage of Amendment 64, fully legalizing the production, distribution and sale of so-called “recreational” marijuana, as just the pot smoker’s dream come true. They couldn’t be more wrong. This isn’t all about weed. It’s about Freedom from federal intrusion where they don’t belong and have no business intruding.

The approval, by the voters on November 6th, of Colorado’s initiated Amendment 64 is a bellwether in the modern movement to end Marijuana Prohibition.  At the same time, unrealized by most of those in the Marijuana legalization advocacy movement, it sets up the most comprehensive repulsion of the over-reaching federal government on its intrusive laws and policies in every area.  It does so in a way even more important and far-reaching than Washington State’s Initiated Statute 502.

Being a State Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 64 carries a higher precedent than an Initiated Statute such as Washington’s 502; it is a change in fundamental and not just positive law.  It is The People speaking directly through their Constitution to the

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