The Last Debate on Guns-Ever!

Warning:  In this column there will be simple, direct and indisputable positions taken on the issue of 2nd Amendment gun rights and the individual right “to keep and bear arms.”  Those not equipped to read or see the truth are advised to read no further or risk the potential for knowing and thus, acting on, […]

Warning:  In this column there will be simple, direct and indisputable positions taken on the issue of 2nd Amendment gun rights and the individual right “to keep and bear arms.”  Those not equipped to read or see the truth are advised to read no further or risk the potential for knowing and thus, acting on, the truth.

There will be no attempt to bury the headline either.  The debate on the law-abiding citizen’s right to freely and unrestricted keeping and bearing of firearms for purposes of individual self defense is done.  That is not to say that the opponents of self-defense and protection of the 2nd amendment will not try to continue the argument.

Just know that they do so only based on illogical, irrational, emotional and unreasonable argument, not on debate.  That debate is done.  Similar to how Einstein finished the debate on gravity that Newton started the latest release of data from the UN, combined with available U.S. census data, finishes the debate on gun control.

Continuation of the irrational and emotional quest for further gun control (or retaining existing restrictive laws) may feel satisfying to opponents of individual rights and the politicians that support them.  However, make no mistake:  It is unquestionably killing more people to place further gun control restrictions into law.  It also allows more people to die every day the current restrictions stay on the books.

Yes, when another irrational anti-gun or anti-2A, gun-controlling protestor (or even a somewhat calm but dissembling politician) confronts you with their next emotional argument about the need for more gun control, look them straight in the eye and say:  “Since it is a well known FACT that virtually any type of gun control kills more people, your position supports allowing more people to be murdered and maimed!”

When their face begins to contort, into spasms of confusion and rage, hand them a printed copy of this article or just the key sections (with references and links) for them to read and digest.  All the following data was taken from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the US Census.

Let’s start with the best statistic in the bunch.  In the United States the gun availability rate puts us right at the top of the heap at #1 in the world, “with a bullet”.  Today, for every 100 people in the population of 317 million there are 91 firearms!  No other country even comes close by half.  And that’s almost twice the rate of gun availability in the U.S. population of 48 per 100 at the beginning of the 20th century!  Remember this statistic for later referral below.

So if one were to ask the average person where does the U.S. place in the ranking of most violent nations, what answer is most often given?  “Close to the top,” or “In the top ten,” were the answers most often given in my own poll of both gun advocates and opponents at random.  That small, anecdotal poll seems fairly consistent with national polls taken over decades.  Strange how media propaganda works on even those that should know better.

In FACT, while having the world’s highest gun availability in the population the United States has an intentional homicide rate of 4.7 deaths per 100,000 of population per year.  That number ranks our country right about in the middle, at 111, of all 218 countries in the survey!  Of the 47 nations of the Americas, only tiny Aruba and Martinique, Cuba, Chile and Canada have lower intentional homicide rates in their population.  Of the more violent countries, globally, almost all of them have very strict gun control and very low gun availability rates in their populations.  Violent homicide is not about the availability of guns!

In fact, when one reviews the gun laws of many of the most violent nations of the world, one quickly finds that the majority have VERY STRICT gun control laws.  Low rates of violent crime are most likely associated with countries that promote firearms and self-defense in the law-abiding population and a culture of teaching and training in firearm use (i.e., Switzerland, Israel, U.S., etc.).

The same trend is quite evident when one looks at violent homicide statistics in the U.S.   The most violent metropolitan regions in the country are those with the strictest state and local gun control laws.  Perhaps not coincidentally, the majority of those areas are also the bluest of the blue states/regions.  If those metro-regions, amounting to less than 10% of the population of the country, were removed from our own statistics, the United States would drop like a stone to near the bottom of the list of 218 in the levels of homicides.  We would instantly become one of the least violent nations of the world!

The key take-away from all the statistics is that, while THERE ARE  homicides committed with firearms in virtually every country of the world, the type and availability of those firearms produces no correlation in the base homicide rate.  And it is clear that the societies that restrict, penalize and criminalize individual gun ownership have the highest rates of intentional homicide.  Take away guns from the law-abiding and the intentional homicide rates GO UP.  And as John Lott clearly documented in his book “More Guns, Less Crime,” the removal of concealed carry restrictions reduces crime further.

Do types of firearms have anything to do with the incidence of violent homicides?  Again the answer is an emphatic, “NO!”  For just one example in the FBI crime statistics for years and years have shown that people, using hammers and clubs, kill more people each year than those with ANY and ALL types of rifle.  No correlation in lowered homicide rates was shown during any of the legal attempts at bans on so-called “assault weapons.”  So again, availability and types of rifle have nothing to do with violent homicide rates. 

Consider the following numbers as well:

1920 census: violent homicides per 100K population; 6.8. 1920 gun ownership rate 48 per 100 people.

2010 census: violent homicides per 100K population; 4.7. 2010 gun ownership rate 90 per 100 people, highest in the world.

So almost a century later the rate of violent homicide in the population is 31% lower while the availability of guns has nearly doubled!  The highest levels of violent homicides, in the U. S. of the last century, have occurred coincidentally with the peak years of alcohol and drug prohibition and economic downturns.  Government, economics and gun control cause more deaths than the availability of guns.

Is it also simply coincidence that the counties in the U.S. that have the highest gun-ownership-per-household rates are also the lowest violent crime and homicide counties in the U.S?  To summarize and further elucidate on the ridiculous claims and arguments of the ignorant and agenda-driven gun control position, it is highly recommended that the reader watch Bill Whittle’s recent and thoughtfully-produced “Firewall” video, “Number One With A Bullet.”

The facts surrounding the protections offered by the right to keep and bear arms are clear and indisputable.  Understanding the truth about firearms, and confirming what most dedicated 2nd Amendment supporters or those with common sense have known for centuries, it’s time to stop the craziness of any more gun restrictions. Allowing any more restrictions or trying to stop the repeal of existing restrictions should itself be reasonably considered a criminal act.

Robert Heinlein probably succinctly summarized this entire debate when he said:  “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

Firearm opponents will continue trying to divert attention away from the indisputable facts to more emotional positions that amount to “outlawing lightening” (or hammers).  They will continue attempts to cloud the issue with irrelevancies and directed obfuscation.  Elected officials will bow to outside interests for simple political reasons or obscure, self-serving political agendas.  The debate is over but the battle is not because the issue has usually never been about the truth, it has been about control and power.  Do not be distracted by such attempts at misdirection.
Instead we need to repeal the restrictions, put on the books during the 20th century and on the books now, and go back to training EVERY possible citizen in safe and responsible firearm use.  Let’s stop allowing the ignorant, anti-gun citizens, politicians and the crazies to continue killing more people with senseless laws.  The debate is over and done.  Killing more people with useless gun control must stop.