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A Scandal A Day Makes Government Go Away

Do you know why the government and so many outriders from the Left and the Right are riding to the aid of government surveillance in the Ed Snowden/NSA disclosure scandal?  It’s very simple: Attention must be deflected from this traffic accident.  If this car wreck gets peeled back, as it should with the Jaws of Life, it’s over for big government/big brother.

You thought Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious and all similar scandals made things interesting the last 2-3 years?  Well, standby.  The now hidden scandals that can be revealed by delving much further into a ongoing national debate on snooping, monitoring and archiving everything on Americans will make all previous scandals look like playground disputes.   This is literally “The Mother of All Scandals.”

There is a scandal a day awaiting the opening up of the “Shadow government,”  you’ve been paying for, hidden for decades.  Just watch those public spokesman who become most desperate and hysterical and you’ll know which ones have a personal stake in losing the outcome.  Not since Sen. Joseph McCarthy, with his Lists of Communists and Homosexuals, Rep. Richard Nixon and the House Un-American Activities Committee  (HUAC), or J. Edgar Hoover and 50 years of his FBI, would or could anything possibly parallel revealing the true level of the

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Why the Caged Bird Sings

I’ve long wondered how it is that the vast bulk of the population stays complacent to the egregious violations of freedom and liberty we observe the government taking from us, on a regular basis, without asking.   The complacent acceptance and/or approval by most of  IRS violations, Benghazi and the NSA/Snowden surveillance debacle, coming all at once, finally turned the light bulb on in my head.   The reaction spectacle to the lock-down and house-to-house searches, after the Boston bombings generated a bizarre and hideous screaming approval on the streets, confirmed it.

It explains why the caged bird really sings.  It sings not for the reasons we’re taught to believe.  It’s largely the same reason that Communism, Fascism and Socialism killed 100 million while Democracy only killed a few million in comparison:  Make the cage just comfortable enough and the bird forgets it’s indeed caged.

Totalitarians must kill tens of millions to succeed in their warped and despotic dreams.  Democratic Authoritarian Tyrants kill fewer of their populations because so many more people accept their condition in seemingly benign control environments.  The Amerikan Progressive and NeoConservative authoritarians learnt the lessons of the 20th century.  So began the implementation of more benign  methods.  However, a truly free person realizes the

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Has America Become the Grandest ‘Lost Cause?’

America seems rudderless. On most every issue, one could name, we continue to wander around in slow-moving circles.  None of the financial frauds and scams were/are prosecuted.  None of the Washington scandals are truly investigated and disclosed, they just slowly disappear from public view until no one is paying attention.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Banksters, Fraudsters, Flunkies, Floozies, SEC and GSA. …on and on we go.  Sounds almost like a Billy Joel track…”it’s been always burnin’ since the world’s been turnin…”

There’s much sound and fury in Washington, D.C. of late.  These days, as the Benghazi security and response failures receive more exposure, we find the IRS targeting conservative political causes and groups and the Justice department is violating the 1st amendment at will.  The NSA is violating who knows how many amendments on a routine basis.  The DoJ, and IRS will soon be after you for your medical payments and records.  In other words government is running amuck and, at the same time, failing in its fundamental responsibilities.   WELL, DUH!  Any time a population allows a government to accrue unlawful and illegal powers over more than a century, why should anyone be surprised?

Heck, pretty soon we’ll just tattoo the national ID (SSN) into the infant’s ankle when he pops the chute along with implanting the little tyke’s RFID chip behind the ear…..

The federal government was never intended or designed to have such powers in the first place.  So why should any one be surprised that

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NSA Is Finally Starting To Be “Outed”

Big Brother is watching you!

(Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

The latest hubub over the nature and scope of phone call “metadata” collection and archiving by the National Security Agency (NSA) is gratifying in the fact that the general population is starting to awake to this issue. However, while important, is but a small slice of the whole pie that must be exposed and dealt with soon, before it spins completely out of control like Godzilla on a rampage.

Since the ‘revelations’ regarding NSA domestic ‘spying’ on the 3 billion supposedly private phone records generated everyday by the popuilation, I’ve been sent a steady stream of questions about what this means. Because of my early background and experience in intelligence collection systems and methods I have also received media requests.

On one radio interview last week the host seemed taken aback when I said the currently exposed collection of call detail record (CDR-although the current in-vogue term is “metadata”) data is, “just the tip of the iceberg” and that such monitoring, “goes back decades,” not years as the politicians and press are trying to spin it.

To a large degree I find myself highly chagrinned by this reaction. I have been sounding this alarm bell continuously since 1986 when I left the intelligence and defense systems engineering business for good. The negative effects were already apparent for several years before that but, it seems, most people wished to ignore them. Most have been convinced, then as now, that

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When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Again… He Goes To Jail

Is jail the new “old soldier’s home?”

The single most damning thing about our wars of opportunity and empire is the damage done to our young, active-duty military and veterans when they come home and attempt to re-integrate into American society. Instead of helping them with their injuries and nightmares we just expand the problem by throwing them in jail.

Recently, I spent a disturbing couple of days reviewing a 120+ page Analysis of arrest, conviction and incarceration data of active duty and military veterans. The Analysis was compiled, collected and published by Dr. Charles Corry and Dr. David Stockburger of the Equal Justice Foundation in Colorado Springs. The Analysis should become the landmark study in this area and the benchmark from which we stop harming our soldiers, sailors, airman and marines even more, once they come home.

Reading the report, to say the least, I’m more angry than ever at my faux-patriotic, complacent fellow citizens, the Chickenhawks and Warmongers who promote and support our endless wars. Just reading the “Abstract” to the Analysis should serve as an indictment and a

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