Announcing the El Paso County TEA Party

The Gadsden flag

The Gadsden flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, Sunday, April 18th, The El Paso county TEA Party was officially formed. As many of the local liberty/patriot groups were invited to attend as could be contacted.

The list of groups represented were:

The formation was initiated as a result of the Tax Day TEA Party in Acacia Park this past Thursday. The formalization allows the TEA Party movement to more effectively grow and generally promote the TEA Party and to ensure the ongoing nonpartisan nature of the movement is maintained. Sunday’s meeting was meant to rectify that by the various groups electing a nine member board and that board to further elect a chair, various officers and to establish specific duties for the board.

It was expressed by the group representatives present that we will only gain the trust and support of ALL Americans with common principles and goals that best reflect the demand for freedom and Liberty for all Americans.

The results of that election were:

  • Amy Mitchell Chairwoman
  • Jeff Wright Vice-Chairman
  • Don Rogers Treasurer
  • Paul Prentice Secretary
  • Nina Rodriguez
  • Chuck Baker
  • Chuck Graybill
  • Andy Colon
  • Jeff Crank

This action became necessary so that El Paso County TEA Party rallies never again take on the air of a political party rally. The movement that comprises the TEA Party, as initiated, is not associated with any particular party and its participants are as disillusioned with the Republican party as we are with the Democrats. It is understood by all involved that both parties are leading this great nation into financial ruin.

The goal of the El Paso County Tea Party is to re-establish America’s founding principles of limited government, free markets, and private property rights.

An official Mission Statement and platform are to be forthcoming but the original principles the El Paso county TEA Party supports are:

  • Constitutional (both state and federal) government
  • Drastically reduced taxes and spending/sound currency
  • Individual rights and responsibilities

The El Paso county TEA Party welcomes all citizens of this nation, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, libertarians, unaffiliated, and disillusioned alike.

Although many individuals have chosen candidates to support, the EPC TEA Party will not be endorsing any candidates at this time.

The EPC TEA Party welcomes and encourages all interested parties to affiliate and join in order to further strengthen and expand the development of the overall movement in El Paso County.

For more information contact Chuck Baker (719) 577-4857 [email protected]

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