Take Action! HB10-0917 Directing all Mail-Ballot Elections

There is a late bill about to be introduced directing all mail Ballot elections: HB10-0917. Everyone needs to get on phone and email to their Democrat Senators and Reps to tell them Vote “No!” on this bill.

During a review of the clerk’s office and current events this evening El Paso County (Colorado) Clerk Bob Balink stated that there is a bill being drawn up to be introduced as a late bill that will make all Colorado elections by mail ballot only and that will allow same day voter registration. I was told that Teak Simonton from Eagle County was one of the backers of this proposed legislation.

Democrats have been successful in the past couple of years introducing controversial topics like this as late bills and ramming them through before opposition can be mobilized.

If anyone has more information on this nefarious legislation please advise. Please forward to any interested party you are aware of to help stop this abomination.

Chuck Corry sent out the alert on this legislation.

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