Five for Freedom

Dear Friends of Liberty,

Below is the output of my self-imposed Sovereignty/10th Amendment project for the upcoming Caucus/Assembly/Convention season. I call them the “Five for Freedom” (FFF) Resolutions. I believe that it is nigh onto time to up the ante and put real teeth into a body of law to protect our state from the Feds and The Federal Reserve.

All the suggested 2010 legislative/initiated efforts are fine as far as they go but barely start to address the scope of the problem. The amount of movement that has to be achieved between where we are and where we need to soon be is obvious (I hope) from the Resolutions but it must begin soon. It begins with education and understanding of how far we have to go to succeed in the state sovereignty movement.

My purpose was to write a succession of Resolutions that were both integral, if passed together, and severable if passed separately. They get successively specific from 1-5. Within each Resolution it is also possible, with the exception of Resolution 3, to also delete any specific resolved point and still have a stand-alone Resolution.

Please first review the Powerpoint “Overview” presentation about the Project, before reading the Resolutions. The Resolutions are left editable so that each Resolution can be edited/reduced if it is felt necessary to get passed in any precinct or county. However, editing MUST be done in a manner that retains the substance, necessary to make the Resolution work and to clearly convey the intent originally written into them. The Overview may be used as a presentation piece to introduce the package to groups or meetings.

The folks who become involved throughout Colorado will have to study them over the next 7 weeks or so to understand them and carry them through their caucus/assembly and to get them to the state Assembly/Convention. The goal is to blizzard the Party throughout the precincts in the state (and in other states, if possible) by moving them through the Party infrastructure, educating as we go. It is as much a ‘referendum’ on the ‘resolve’ (pun intended) and citizens’/voters’ understanding of the going forward 10th/freedom movement as anything.

The approach was to make them as ‘least dense’ as possible, but still packed with the specific direction needed to make them useful as direction to legislators, candidates and others. Reading them carefully, I believe, will produce the understanding of the full import of the approach. Each one has similar language, in various parts, to standardize but was specifically tailored to the Statements of Intent (“Whereas….”).

I know many of you have a heavy work/reading burden already but hopefully you can digest/review them soonest. Caucus season starts soon. The FFF Resolutions must be understood and fully distributed before then to be ready for introduction. It is up to each precinct leader in a county to know what they mean and to be able to speak to them in their precinct Caucus and later as County Assembly delegate.

Many may consider these way too radical or too far ahead of their time. I think they’re pretty tame and too late, given the current circumstances. However, in either case, they are still not for the feint of heart. If we don’t start this process now, in 2-3 years it will be too late to start the education then. Turning large ships headed directly for the reef takes time.

The left/liberals always advance huge packages of programs to move their agenda forward. When are we going to do similar things, only in the ‘right’ direction? The difference is this ‘huge’ program will reduce rather than expand government and will make us a sovereign Republic again. Baby steps ain’t gonna get us there in time, otherwise.

These Resolutions are being done in conjunction with the “Personal Freedom Training” Seminar series being developed about “What is a Citizen of the Republic,” which has the drafts of the 8 parts close to complete. Soon the series synopsis will be released so folks can decide if they want to take the Seminar series and to spread the word about this comprehensive training.

Of course, please distribute as far and wide as possible if you see the validity of this effort. Certain groups may want to organize conference calls whereby we can answer questions about any or all of the Resolutions and their content and goals.

My hope is that the 10th Amendment Center in Colorado and the other states will pick these up as a countrywide project to move the agenda of a ‘Return to the Republic’ forward.

Thank you for your time.

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