The Colorado Democrats Have Really “Screwed the Pooch” This Time

Colorado Democrats are high-fiving and back-slapping each other over the passage of the “Foul Five” gun bills in Colorado. They fail to realize the enormity of the mistake they’ve made. They believe that a right can be slowly legislated out of existence. Not understanding, in any truly meaningful way, what constitutes a ‘right’ is the […]

Colorado Democrats are high-fiving and back-slapping each other over the passage of the “Foul Five” gun bills in Colorado. They fail to realize the enormity of the mistake they’ve made. They believe that a right can be slowly legislated out of existence. Not understanding, in any truly meaningful way, what constitutes a ‘right’ is the beginning of the end of the Democrats as anything related to a legitimate ideology. Some would say that happened years ago but I gave them a large benefit of the doubt up until the last two years. Man, they’ve proved they’re just gone and some Republicans are not far behind.

It’s taken 30 years to rile me up to the point of truly “spittin’ mad,” as a friend of my Dad’s used to say. But I’m there. In some places, with Colorado topping the list this week, Democrats have become so egregiously stupid, it’s become hard to put into words the actions of these monumental fools but that’s what they are. Egregiously stupid, monumental fools. Tools of the Little Emperor from New York City. NEW YAWK CITY?!

Now we see Mark Kelly, Gabby’s husband “the astronaut,” was out buying his own AR-15 and 1911 .45 ACP and large-capacity magazines because he needs them but you and I can’t have them. And Gabby’s right there, sporting her own AR-15 for the camera before her last election. You can’t make this stuff up, it falls out of the sky like springtime snowflakes in the Rockies, everyday.

I don’t live in Colorado anymore and thank goodness for that, I guess. I left when I realized it was ‘game over’ there from the number of statist-authoritarian Republicans, combined with even worse statist-authoritarian Democrats, as a disastrous recipe for the next decade in that state. I was tired after two decades of fighting both sets of the slightly differing stupidity. I wanted some fresh air.

Now I live in Idaho, which is apparently going through its own form of slow-mental breakdown, with Republicans climbing onboard a state-run health exchange and expanding Medicare as ObamaCare directs. While not nearly as bad as what the Democrats are doing in Colorado (and where the Repubs already gave us a state-run health exchange called AmyCare, named after its Repub. Sponsor-Rep. Amy Stephens), for Idaho it really amounts to the same thing. For the Republicans to be doing this in Idaho is a fairly monumental turn south into Never-never land, too.

I guess that’s the real problem. Change the venue slightly and for every stupid thing the Democrats are doing in one place, the Republicans are doing something nearly as bad, if not as bad, elsewhere. When John Boehner says we can all “trust the President,” ‘weird’ doesn’t begin to describe the world.

The Republicans appear to have little more understanding of what constitutes a right than does any Democrat. The two parties just pick different rights to attack at different places and times. They only show fealty, via lip-service, to the Constitution when politricks and public appearances demands it. Other than that, it’s toilet paper to them, too.

The only ones that seem to have their act together in the New West is Montana and Utah. And Montana seems to still have some bad days. I think Utah has taken to heart the Sci-Fi novels of native son Orson Scott Card and know the accelerating demolition of the Republic is underway.

It also makes one spittin’ mad to find out that DHS, and other government agencies, besides ordering up about 2 billion rounds of ammo, including hollow-point, flesh-shredder rounds, is also ordering up human-looking targets of pregnant women and children to practice on with those rounds. This is part of their new sensitivity training program. That doesn’t just take a special kind of hubris or moxie. That takes an out and out contempt for the population those goons are supposed to serve. Has ANYONE in an elected capacity in Congress jumped to their feet and shouted, “NOW WAIT JUST ONE DAMNED MINUTE, HERE!” Anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so.

They’re all too busy-busy with the media making up words like “SnowQuester!,” to blow-up another meaningless Washington sideshow.

Forbes Magazine finally stands up just a bit and does an article on the DHS ammo purchases….woo-hoo. But where’s the hue and cry over the human targets, 2800 MRAPS and submissive thug-training their folks are now also routinely receiving? You think that stuff’s just for show or to park out in front of the local police station for the rubes to look at?

It appears our ‘Security’ agencies have long ago put the population in the enemy category and you, my friends, are now fair game. It didn’t just happen yesterday. It takes years to put these procurements together. Reality is beginning to make truth-tellers out of the conspiracy theorists and no one seems to be noticing in the Congress, State Legislatures or Main Stream Media. But then, that’s what the conspiracy theorists have been saying for years.

Most of this is likely just sheer stupidity and cupidty with strong doses of bureaucratic incompetence thrown in. However, maybe not. Sen. Lois Tochtrop (D) realized where her Colorado Colleagues we’re headed down the rabbit hole when she paraphrased Adm. Yamamoto and having woken up “a sleeping giant” in the people. She was a wise enough Democrat not to vote for all the gun bills.

Then, on the other side, we have Mark Waller (R) cutting a deal with Dems in exchange for support on the Budget Long Bill to spend $22 Billion in Colorado! Waller, it seems what to take the place of the statist John Suthers at AG and is looking for some support. Suthers should never be elected to Dog-catcher after his performance in office. and neither

“Grandpa-Angry-Pants McCain” up there on the talkies with the execrable Lindsey Graham telling us Senator Rand Paul is just another college libertarian throwing a tantrum after a kegger because he happens to care about a principle and a right of the people. The talkies put the Two Stooges on week after week only because they’re two of the finest examples of Boobus Republicanis Americanus species in the field today. Do the voters of Arizona and South Carolina have any self-respect left at all to have those two exit stage right at the earliest possibility?

The Dems next Stupid Human Trick is to put-up Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) as the new budgetmeister-in-chief to roll out the Senate’s first plan in 4 years! Are you kidding me? The Right may have Christine O’Donnell and Ann Coulter but the list on the Left is miles long and Murray is close to the top there with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Eleanor Holmes-Norton to name just a few. Sen. Murray is obviously struggling with her burden of trying to understand and grapple with the budget. Maybe that explains why the Senate hasn’t offered one in four years?

However, let there be no doubt. It is the Democrats in Colorado that have really gone over the edge. Reviewing their comments and testimony during the debate should leave any thinking human with a case of the shudders. Watching the ongoing behavior through the rest of the session since should make it necessary to direct a vomitoria be built out of the basement of the Capitol so large numbers of disbelieving citizens are allowed to exit the building quickly.

No one can wonder any longer if their government has turned on them from the federal to state level. We should be preparing for impact.