Has America Become the Grandest ‘Lost Cause?’

America seems rudderless. On most every issue, one could name, we continue to wander around in slow-moving circles.  None of the financial frauds and scams were/are prosecuted.  None of the Washington scandals are truly investigated and disclosed, they just slowly disappear from public view until no one is paying attention.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Banksters, Fraudsters, Flunkies, Floozies, SEC and GSA. …on and on we go.  Sounds almost like a Billy Joel track…”it’s been always burnin’ since the world’s been turnin…”

There’s much sound and fury in Washington, D.C. of late.  These days, as the Benghazi security and response failures receive more exposure, we find the IRS targeting conservative political causes and groups and the Justice department is violating the 1st amendment at will.  The NSA is violating who knows how many amendments on a routine basis.  The DoJ, and IRS will soon be after you for your medical payments and records.  In other words government is running amuck and, at the same time, failing in its fundamental responsibilities.   WELL, DUH!  Any time a population allows a government to accrue unlawful and illegal powers over more than a century, why should anyone be surprised?

Heck, pretty soon we’ll just tattoo the national ID (SSN) into the infant’s ankle when he pops the chute along with implanting the little tyke’s RFID chip behind the ear…..

The federal government was never intended or designed to have such powers in the first place.  So why should any one be surprised that upon seizing such powers, they become increasingly corrupt and unaccountable?

The Left and the Right go through their motions of hearings and press releases without resolution.  Meanwhile, has Congress finished a budget?  Has the ever-increasing deficit or debt crisis been solved?  As we careen towards the inevitable cliff, with a debt bomb strapped to our backs, have we even slowed the pace or are we accelerating? Congress just keeps adding their own versions of fiscal IEDs along the road.

The answers are obvious and will preclude all other options for millions of yet-unborn Americans. Decisions being made (or not made) today means the fate of those unborn will be one of increasing poverty, no growth and decades of fiscal and financial unraveling.  The insolvency and bankruptcy of America is upon us, yet most of the population yawns and changes channels on the cable. The government fiddles while Rome has begun the slow burn of ruin.

As this happens, no one is really taking notice of the deterioration of our global security position.  Decades of “blowback” is continuing to advance, unnoticed, on all fronts.  The dollar, right along with the rest of the global currency system is weakening, albeit more slowly than the yen and the euro and some other currencies.  However, we can’t take comfort in that when the yen and the euro are careening ever faster to failure than we are.  WE only look good momentarily by comparison.

Americans just seem to absorb the daily litany of new outbreaks of stupidity, corruption, abuse of power and political chicanery then move on to the next channel.   I, for one, am tired of tyrants and their useful idiots in business suits or uniforms in front of a microphone telling us why we have to give up essential liberties for some non-existent or, at best, future, ill-defined “safety.”

Regardless of the final outcome of the Edward Snowden affair, you can rest assured nothing much will change.  Except for a relative handful of elected officials with integrity and honesty (as well as a clear understanding of a Constitutional Republic), everyone is in on the game.  It’s cool to be on the inside and have the info no one else has.  I know, I watched how it affected people around me for years, both in the military/intelligence sector and in the financial sector.   The spying will go on, further out-of-sight, out-of-mind and into the “deepnet.”  The massive infrastructure being built across the world will grow larger and more intrusive while becoming more subtle.  The Agencies will also learn to cover their tracks better.

Americans are steadily being ground down, in incremental steps that are almost imperceptible unless one is really paying attention.  The scandals and man-made disasters eat away at the soul.  The economics in play are sending millions down the income ladder, while the lying liars and their statistics prattle on.  In the last decade, the military has worked its way through millions of young citizens, many of them our best and brightest.   Our wars of opportunity have chewed through so many of those young Americans; leaving tens of thousands of them physically and mentally scarred and putting thousands in jail for un-diagnosed PTSD and TBI.  The jobs that have been lost, business’ closed down, pensions gone bust, hours cut back and healthcare abandoned.  The elite and protected class in government know none of this.

Meanwhile, mother nature’s natural disasters grinds down and exhausts the population physically and financially.  It is not the protected class in government that gets hit when houses are flattened, flooded, blown- or burned-away.  It’s the working guy and the small business man or woman who also pays that Congressman, under-Secretary, Cabinet member or Justice’s salary.  A President today takes a few days to visit opportune spots around the world and ka-ching! —$60-100 million was just blown.  The working or small business guy and gal still has to live under the thumb of endless forms, regulations, inspectors and audits while ponying up for that tab.  Or,  live with the automatic penalties, fines. taxes, demands and rules the useless bureaucrats spew out everyday while making US wait in line for any SERVICE from them.

I’m surprised there’s so few explosions of sheer anger and outrage out there over the system this “Parliament of Whores” has built over the decades.  I would have expected a lot more shooting from both sides to be involved by now.  However,  I have a feeling that it’s just building up to a much larger outbreak further down the road.

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