A Scandal A Day Makes Government Go Away

Do you know why the government and so many outriders from the Left and the Right are riding to the aid of government surveillance in the Ed Snowden/NSA disclosure scandal?  It’s very simple: Attention must be deflected from this traffic accident.  If this car wreck gets peeled back, as it should with the Jaws of […]

Do you know why the government and so many outriders from the Left and the Right are riding to the aid of government surveillance in the Ed Snowden/NSA disclosure scandal?  It’s very simple: Attention must be deflected from this traffic accident.  If this car wreck gets peeled back, as it should with the Jaws of Life, it’s over for big government/big brother.

You thought Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious and all similar scandals made things interesting the last 2-3 years?  Well, standby.  The now hidden scandals that can be revealed by delving much further into a ongoing national debate on snooping, monitoring and archiving everything on Americans will make all previous scandals look like playground disputes.   This is literally “The Mother of All Scandals.”

There is a scandal a day awaiting the opening up of the “Shadow government,”  you’ve been paying for, hidden for decades.  Just watch those public spokesman who become most desperate and hysterical and you’ll know which ones have a personal stake in losing the outcome.  Not since Sen. Joseph McCarthy, with his Lists of Communists and Homosexuals, Rep. Richard Nixon and the House Un-American Activities Committee  (HUAC), or J. Edgar Hoover and 50 years of his FBI, would or could anything possibly parallel revealing the true level of the Security and Surveillance State.  One that already exists and has existed for decades in America.

Not only has the capability been there for decades but the surveillance has been going on for decades (starting in the 50s and really getting underway in the 70s and 80s) without you knowing about it.  All the books and media accounts over the decades don’t even touch the bare tip of the iceberg.  Or, they’re a complete whitewash of the truth.  Americans have been slowly and incrementally acculturated to the Security and Surveillance State for decades and don’t realize it.  They see it only in popular culture illustrated through mostly amateurish or brutish ways where the government thugs are always out-witted by the hero and the bad guys in government go to jail.

In real life what happens is the whistleblowers go to jail or have their lives ruined by the machine.  The government and inside players go mostly on their merry way without interference.  It has now gone on so long that the Snowden/NSA revelations have been like a body blow and hence the hysterical reaction of the Left/Right outriders.  They both support the machine, not out of any sense of Americanism but because it keeps them in control and power or they’re just too scared themselves to speak the truth.

The question is:  Can this debate be kept front and center long enough to actually peel the onion back or will the “Shadow Factory” successfully shove the genie back in the bottle again?  It will, if you let it.  The Surveillance War is about to go very “hot.”  We can peel this onion back if the right people get to ask and direct the questions.  It’s not going to come from John Bolton, Dick Cheney, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, John McCain, Jim Rodgers, or President Obama and the current Administration.  In other words, it’s not going to come from those that game and gain from the system as it is.

To reach the level of disclosure necessary for citizens and especially voters to start making some kind of intelligent decisions about intelligence, and who the lying liars and the deceivers-Left and Right- who have been in charge, is going to take years.  It is guaranteed that the nature of those disclosures will continue to shock the public at-large for years to come.  It will reveal a series of governments, going back decades that are criminal, venal, vindictive, controlling, incompetent, misanthropic and corrupt beyond measure.  And, oh, did I say criminal?  It needs to be said many times.  Then repeated again and again until the American population no longer trusts anything this or any other government does, because they can’t and never should have before no matter how apparently benign.

For decades, I’ve written that Americans have been so duped and dumbed-down, by a succession of governments, as to make the takeover by a police state all but inevitable.  It’s a big machine and it takes time for the lumbering leviathan to get there but it has indeed.  For more than a decade I witnessed first hand the operation, growing arrogance and corruption and systemic dangers of the intelligence and militarism infrastructure.  We now stand on the edge of the implementation being completed.  That’s right, I wrote “completed.”  Not “started,”  or “maybe happening” or “getting underway”  but “completed.”

Not since Gen. Smedley D. Butler (pictured) wrote and released “War Is A Racket,”  in 1935, chronicling the corruption of the early Military Industrial Complex, do we have the best opportunity to roll it back before it destroys us.  However, it’s very late in the game.

The current Military Industrial Intelligence Security State Complex (MIISSC) far outstrips the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address in 1960.  The MIISSC now rests on the bedrock of the Security and Surveillance state created out of the War on Terror.  All the MIISSC contractors flipped when the end of the Cold War and, in fact, of history was called when the Soviet Union finished falling apart in the 90s.  Some new “War” was needed and the Neoconservatives answered with the Project for A New American Century (PNAC) and the Global War on Terror (GWOT).

If the GWOT goes away many of the suppliers, outriders and profiteers of the MIISSC go away with it.  Without spending $1+ trillion annually on the MIISSC, the Warfare state starts to die with it.  That’s plenty of incentive to want to keep the game going awhile longer.  Hence, the panic being exhibited over the Snowden/NSA disclosure affair.  The end of the Cold War sent the NSA and all the intel agencies into a tailspin the first time.  The Global War on Terror was born in its wake.  They can’t let that golden goose go under again.  The NSA and the Security/Surveillance state is the core of the Warfare state’s being.

We all have a choice now.  Remain largely ignorant and complacent as to the true nature of the enormous Shadow Government we have in place.  Ignore what it is doing to your rights and liberties everyday, that have nothing to do with the so-called “Global War on Terror,” adding everything to do with control and pacification of the population.

Ignore that this entire superstructure, along with the Welfare state, has made the country insolvent and headed into complete bankruptcy.   Ignore the hyper-regulation, licensing and permitting costs and its associated taxes the economy nearly $2 out of every $4 of GDP.  Ignore the control and monitor of the population created by the Security/ Surveillance state.  Ignore it and submit or begin to act to do something about it.

Tell your phone, ISP and data service providers that  you will cancel if they do not publicly start fighting secret, blanket surveillance orders of the government.  Write letters to state officials to demand transparency of such monitoring in your state by any and all carriers, service providers  and cable companies.  Regularly write letters to the editor of your local and statewide newspaper and to the News Director of TV stations to start reporting on the Security and Surveillance state at every opportunity.  Write Congressman once a month and demand the House and Senate open hearings into the history of surveillance and internal secrecy in the US.  Also, demand restrictive laws be introduced and passed to make the proper elements of domestic spying more transparent and to follow the spirit and the letter of the Constitution.  Make sure the scandals don’t get swept under the rug once more.

Are YOU a Citizen willing to Stand and halt the erosion of privacy, civil liberties and rights?  Are YOU ready?