Can We Stop the Next Train Wreck?

The Blog-and Punditspheres are once again agog lately with the failed state of Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or “Levant,” take your choice).  They want you and me once again to agree to get bogged down in the sands of the Middle East.  The same Left-Right, train full-passenger list of Bozos is trotted out on every pundit show to excuse away every mistake made, explain away every previous failure and point the blame to everyone else except those that caused those failures.  The only question that remains is how many of us will once again fall for this sideshow and allow the United States to lose more blood and our fast dwindling treasure, in the largest global train wreck of the 21st Century (and maybe the 20th combined)?

It is really remarkable how we allow the same blithering idiots who set-up and put us into this mess continue to fill the airwaves with their prognostications and laughable nostrums to “fix Iraq.”   Those in official positions that pushed and drove us there should be tried, convicted of public policy malfeasance and stripped of all their assets to be paid to the families of the military dead and wounded, tarred-and-feathered and “run out of town on a rail.”

They have bankrupted the United States, made us even more vulnerable to attack, and squandered most of the goodwill that was left us since WWII and the Cold War.  As predicted, the destruction of Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and sent tens, if not hundreds of thousands into the Madrassas and subsequently into the creation of an ever-growing panoply of terrorist groups.

We have no more capital of any kind to expend, our “betters” have blown it all like the drunken politcos they are.  Anyone that would either follow or show any tolerance of the NeoCon and Progressive miscreants, who continue to find new incompetencies to foist on the People, should all be drafted into the military immediately and shipped off to be our “boots on the ground” in every overseas conflict they have put us into.

To stop the devolving cycle of conflict, disengagement and more conflict, it must first be recognized that most Middle East (ME) countries should have broken up along very different borders decades ago.  The borders of almost every ME country were drawn by outsiders and their various colonial or imperial empires.  Nothing will be repaired for the current inhabitants until once again partitioned into traditional and historic borders.  They will not look anything like today’s borders.

So how long will the current train wreck go on and how long until the next one hits?  doesn’t appear we’ll have long to wait at this point.

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