Kabuki Theater at Its Finest

Make no mistake, we’re all being played like a big ol,’ Mississippi catfish. All the gnashing, crashing and flip-flopping around in Washington, D.C., is not the sound and look of political negotiation being played out. It is nothing more than a giant Kabuki stage where the country is being set-up for the next act in […]

What's on at the Kabuki Theatre
What’s on at the Kabuki Theatre (Photo credit: welovepandas)

Make no mistake, we’re all being played like a big ol,’ Mississippi catfish. All the gnashing, crashing and flip-flopping around in Washington, D.C., is not the sound and look of political negotiation being played out. It is nothing more than a giant Kabuki stage where the country is being set-up for the next act in its destruction.

The real question is:  Are there really any living, breathing Americans left who do not know they’re being played?  If so, it’s hard to understand how anyone could fail to see the stage props being set-up, with Kabuki players and hand-puppets so obviously on display.

The Republican and Democrat leadership in Congress, and President Obama, already know the outcome: Appear to solve another incremental piece of the problem but actually solve nothing. Kick the bulk of the problem down the road.  No serious plan, not one, has been put on the table and subjected to real debate.  None.  The profligacy is about to reach truly monumental proportions.  Government will enlarge out of this process, not shrink.

Practically, the disaster of accruing published deficits of $1.0-$1.3 trillion and unpublished annual deficits of $10-12 trillion per year, “as far as the eye can see,” will remain in place.  It doesn’t matter what “deal” may be struck by some “stroke-of-midnight, fiscal cliff,” December 31st drop-dead date.  It doesn’t matter; right up to the point that no one, anywhere on the open market, is buying any of the US Treasury-issued debt past or present.  At that point the Federal Reserve will be the only purchaser of those Treasury bills and bonds.  A Federal Reserve that is actually nothing more than some office buildings and integrated computing power connected through electronic networks of the central-banking cartel and governments.

Why is the Federal Reserve assumed as nothing but office buildings and computer centers?  Because they won’t (and likely can’t) tell the People if there is any gold legally held by the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury.  There can’t be because no open audit has been accomplished, of any kind, since 1948.  Their only other “assets” are trillions in bad debt quickly escalating out-of-sight on their balance sheet.  Thus, only the value those office and computer facilities would bring at auction remains as the “value” left in the “Federal Reserve” system.  It’s not “Federal” and has nothing in “Reserve.”  It is a ‘system,’ though.  A system of complete fraud.

However, even gold that might be in their actual legal possession is irrelevant at this point.  If they had twice the physical gold it is optimistically assumed they might have, It doesn’t amount to a tiny fraction of all the Federal Reserve Notes created on their balance sheets.  The magnitude of the fraud is very clear to anyone that can do simple math.

However, here’s the real crazy part (or maybe not).  The Republican Party leadership in Congress is not moving to back-up the hard-dollar, budget-cutting supporters in their caucus. They are not moving to support any of the true Federal Reserve control and audit Hawks in or out of Congress that have emerged the last 4 years.  In fact, they’re doing just the opposite.

The House and Senate Republican leadership are moving to de-position the hard-dollar, budget-cutting supporters and Federal Reserve control and audit hawks in both bodies.  True fiscal and monetary conservatives are being removed from committee assignments and being told that they’re not towing the Party line when they support truly fiscal conservative principles.  If that isn’t a strong signal that the can will be kicked down the road again, I don’t know what else it could possibly be!

Compound all that by the fact that Congress has yet to act on a bailout for Midwest drought relief or $50 billion in hurricane Sandy relief.  Nor has it acted on winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s tens of billions in losses; to say nothing of the just announced FHA’s $16 billion shortfall and things like billions of Postal Service deficits as far as the eye can see.  Congress has yet to deal with a single appropriation in new spending needed to fund ObamaCare in FY 2014, and has not dealt with multiple unemployment insurance extensions.

All that before they even reach the estate tax, FICA tax or capital gains tax manipulations.  All that has to be done before actual “tax reform” and changes to other entitlements can be tackled.

Soon, too, the first of the bankrupt states will be coming hat-in-hand for an eventual $1 trillion bailout of their employee pension and retirement funds.  Right behind that is their own piled up state and local bonded debts.  More than half the states are in serious fiscal and financial trouble.  When one adds up the numbers, “mind-blowing” doesn’t even begin to account for it all as a descriptor.

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” should be echoing all through the halls of Congress at this point but it isn’t.  So why do you think that is?

The type of genius at work here though, is a far more subtle, impressive and oppressive one.  “Backstopping” all of this bad behavior by Congress and the Presidency is a Federal Reserve Corp. willing to monetize any level of debt creation by the government, banking and financial sectors.  Never, ever before in the history of the world has a single agency or entity been in the position, willing and capable, of literally producing any amount of fake currency to inject, at will and like pure heroin, straight into the global monetary and banking system.  There is simply no way to emphasize enough, exactly what is happening, while Congress fiddles with the Kabuki script.  The whole house is beginning to catch fire, while Americans continue to slumber in their seats.

Looking beyond the US, we already see our neighbor’s fiscal and financial houses on fire, in some spots, literally.  This recent update from Kyle Bass, of Hayman Capital, on how the state of Japan’s fiscal and financial position just adds to the mess, reported out of the EU more regularly and publicly, though largely ignored by the illiterate mass media. Especially read the section titled “Pavlov’s Party Coming to and End,” in the report.  One can almost hear the gong ringers warming up as the global default dominoes line up to finally be cut loose in succession.  Time is not on their side. Nor is it on yours, mine and ours.

I have devised a plan for the People and the States to begin to protect themselves, their local and state government from the inevitable fallout and economic dislocations.  Enacting the plan will not be easy and does not pretend to be all-encompassing.  However, it is a start on the range of problems that the failure of the federal fiscal and monetary system will precipitate-out of the “Grand Correction” (as it is called in the book).

The book is titled, “The Citizen’s Last Stand: Are YOU Ready?” Clicking on the link will take you to the book.  Clicking on the book cover on that page will give the reader a preview of the first sections in the book that outline the Plan.

“The Citizen’s Last Stand” is a summary of the history, events, policies and politics that have infused and prompted the events we see unfolding in front of us in the media every day.  It highlights the specific and real human behaviors that have enabled those events. Events that each of us has the power to change the direction for ourselves and our country.  It tackles the real problems we face with the only actual methods that have proven, time and again, to work but remain, significantly, unused.  It challenges every citizen to have a direct hand in altering our current disastrous course and heading for a new beachhead.

The Kabuki Theater being presented by Congress and the Presidency is obviously neither productive nor entertaining.  It is the pathetic display of TWO similar but dying political ideologies.  Neither of those current ideologies has any connection to the principles laid out to govern this country.  However, the fiscal and administrative death of the federal government is not the end of life in America, by any means.  We’re much stronger as a People and as States than a phony government made up of Potemkin village displays fronted by Kabuki players using handpuppets and stage props.