The State of Denial

America is always on a collision course with Destiny. Since 1750, it has been in a constant state of remaking the future to be both a reflection of the past and a view through the prism of the present. However, beginning about 4 decades ago, America entered the ‘Endless Hall of Mirrors.’ In 2012, America […]

America is always on a collision course with Destiny. Since 1750, it has been in a constant state of remaking the future to be both a reflection of the past and a view through the prism of the present. However, beginning about 4 decades ago, America entered the ‘Endless Hall of Mirrors.’ In 2012, America has only come to inhabit the State of Denial.

Today, most Americans seem to think it is more desirous to deny both the past and the present and wander through the Hall smiling at the distorted reflections that come back. It’s as if they believe they can stay in the Family Funhouse forever and never have to leave and rejoin reality. Their refusal to deal with certain realities is going to cost all of us.

So it goes. It seems to be trite and cliché to write, “America at the Crossroads.” However, to anyone that hasn’t been completely dumbed-down and anesthetized by our educational and media propaganda system, that’s where we stand today. Anyone that has even a modest and tenuous connection with understanding actual political-economic operation should, by now, know that’s true. Getting the rest of America to put down the TV remote, the game controller or to stop tapping away on Instant Messaging is the real problem here. Sooner than they think, overwhelming realities are going to force their hand.

I’ve run across overseas visitors, new immigrants and foreign writers who know more about what’s happening here in America than most of our own native-born citizens. Newly-minted, naturalized citizens I’ve encountered have vastly more knowledge of the Declaration, Constitution and the true meaning of freedom than the large majority of US-born citizens or even those 8th and 9th graders having just completed their Civics or US History curriculum. The native-born have successfully been trained to concern themselves more with self-esteem, living a shallow and carefree life, than considering how to actually manage their own country as responsible, involved and knowledgeable citizens.

Those folks might even be caring, church-going, community-oriented, hard-working, tax-paying wonderful people. Or, they might be part of the growing population of slobs and tax-consuming bums on welfare, sitting at home watching American Idol and munching on food-stamp-provided junk food. However, to the extent that neither is actually and directly engaged in civics, properly directing the decisions government makes on their behalf, neither provide the type of citizens America requires to function properly. A hundred million eligible and registered voters didn’t even bother to vote in the election just held. Real civic responsibility seems to be too hard of a commitment when we have all those other cool distractions and subsidized lifestyles! Many have apparently bought the lie (or convinced themselves) there’s nothing they can do, so never show up anywhere they’re needed. The live in the State of Denial.

Most Americans have been taught that consumerism is more important than civic responsibility and even War. Just get out there and spend your brains out you mindless twits! They’ve been taught voting every two or four years is all one needs to do to maintain a free society. They’ve been taught that professional sports teams statistics are more important to know as a contemporary citizen than fundamental natural law and economics. Also, that government is a benign nuisance to be tolerated (and/or obsequiously followed) or we can fix it if we vote for “our guy” when called upon. No other real effort is required or desirable with the blissful ignorance of convenience that our current system has delivered so well for the last 40 years.

The Greek statesman and orator Pericles wrote almost 2500 years ago: “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” How could he know contemporary America so well, from so long ago? Wasn’t he just another ancient primitive like the Founders of America? Sure, just another of the ancient yokels who couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to live in the world of Iphone-5, X-Box 360, Twitter and American Idol! We’re so much cooler and advanced now!

There is a huge national catharsis looming on the horizon, following an epiphany slowly taking hold in the population: The delegated governance of the Republic is broken. It is broke and broken in nearly every sense one can name; financially, economically, politically, culturally and governmentally. There is no solid core, no foundation and no center remaining to our mixed republican/democratic institutions. Our long-established philosophy of self-governance is un-tethered, unhinged and adrift in a sea of abstractions and superficiality.

However, it is not the states and the Union that is broken. It is the federal government that has finally run so completely amok. From the top to the bottom of the system there could be, literally, very few Americans left that couldn’t understand this plain and simple condition, even if they’re not paying close attention.

It is almost routinely understood, across the spectrum, that every branch of government is essentially dysfunctional. Yet, very few report that in any public forum. They dance all around the issue, not wanting to pronounce the Republic in the dire straits it is in. No one wants to confront the fact that any nation that carries a total debt load 370% of GDP is no longer a “wealthy nation,” it’s approaching deadbeat status.

They look the other way from the hundreds of thousands of people our recent wars have killed, and for what exactly? They look the other way from the euphemistic “collateral damage” our drone war in foreign lands has produced. They look the other way while being subjected to daily loss of rights and endless indignities at the hands of HSA, TSA and Law Enforcement Sociopaths who inhabit larger and larger portions of our numerous reprehensible and unconstitutional agencies. No one, who supports the mindless nonsense being meted out today, can give anything but some contrived propaganda line in response about how, “it’s for our safety and the children.” At this point, one can only believe such folks to be literally and broadly insane. The signs of how different America is from just a few short years are everywhere.

There is another huge debt being piled up, that we owe our children and grandchildren, and has nothing to do with money. That debt is the loss of freedom and liberty that we were born with that they will never see. It is undeniable, but is denied by all those who inhabit the State of Denial.

The raving, misanthropic sociopaths of the Left-Right ideologues are destroying the Republic in front of our eyes while so many of the mindless sheep go shopping and wait for the playoffs. Washington, DC, politicos play at Kabuki theater everyday, thinking the sheep to be shorn are going to simply wait quietly and take it forever from their political masters. However, I think those days are coming to an end.

There is a way out. I spent nearly three decades studying this problem from all angles. In the last year I produced a volume which is titled “The Citizen’s Last Stand: Are YOU Ready?” (TCLS). The book explains how we got here, the current state of the Republic, the true behavior of the elites and the average citizen, and establishes a Plan for how we return to reaching for the Destiny only America can achieve. Using the methods, guidelines and proposals laid out in the book, it’s not only achievable, it is really the only alternative left at this point.

It is time to exit the Hall of Mirrors at Funhouse America and get back on the path to our original and true Destiny. The question is: Are YOU Ready?