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How Long Will Federal Government Defy Congressional Audit Demand?

One of the top 5 most important but under-reported stories of 2014 or 2015 is the failure of the federal government to complete either a general audit or the specific agency audits mandated by Congress.  It should be indisputable, at this point, that the federal government’s spending habits are utterly and completely out-of-control.  In the 90s and early 2000s, the Department of Defense (DoD) failed 7 GAO audits in a row and failed to account for more than $1 trillion in spending.  In the decade since, and after continued Congressional orders and demands, the backlog and estimated un-accounted-for spending has grown to more than $8.5 Trillion!  The General Accounting Office (GAO) estimates that the current backlog of 24,000 pending audits will NEVER be completed.

The fact that the federal government is completely out-of-control seems to cause nary a ripple in the population.  The IRS demands, “under penalties of law…” that every household account for every penny they spend in their tax return each year.  However, the federal government thumbs their nose at all Americans every day and says, “Bugger off!” in their own accounting to the people.

Yet, nothing happens.  No one is accountable.  No one is fired.  No one is jailed.  In the closing days of the now-obvious, crumbling American empire, it’s simply ignored and added to the ever growing pile of unresolved issues.  Congressmen and women throw their hands in the air and say, “There’s nothing I can do!”  Then, the turn right around and vote for the next level of spending and programs to continue to throw good money after bad.

Then there’s the non-federal “Federal” Reserve Corporation that can create, with a keyboard stroke, and lend $9 trillion somewhere without any public accountability.  There’s the tens and hundreds of $billions lost in “reconstruction” of Iraq and Afghanistan.    Americans have largely become immune and pay no-never-mind to all the fraud going on around them every day.

For just one example, Afghanistan, the IEEE Spectrum magazine did an investigation into the restoration of the Afghan electrical grid.  The examination revealed that virtually the entire $60 billion spent on the electrical grid was wasted.  The power plants were never fired up or even connected to the grid.  The ones that were could only deliver electricity at 5 times or more the cost of electricity in the US, so will be abandoned almost immediately since the Afghan people cannot afford the cost.  Some generation plants were built so far off the grid that there is no way to get fuel to them.  Or, the grid itself was improperly constructed and truckloads of money siphoned-off by corrupt contractors and government officials.

In the other waste, military commands and installations were constructed only to be abandoned, fleets of vehicles and other equipment delivered, only to sit and rust in the sand.  The scale of the waste and fraud is so enormous it defies any real descriptive to encompass the extent.  This goes on every where in the world the US has been or is involved in any kind of military or humanitarian effort.  The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has been fraught with every kind of fraud imaginable for decades.

That is without even considering the same behaviors going on here at home in the US.  More billions are lost to Food Stamp (SNAP) fraud, welfare fraudSocial Security fraud, tax fraud, subsidy and loan fraud of every kind imaginable!  It is now so thoroughly embedded into the fabric of society that it corrupts virtually every aspect of economic life in America today.  And still, most Americans move along in a sheep-like trance doing mostly whatever it is government tells them to do; work, pay your taxes, going into debt; become dependent, then die to be replaced by your children.

It almost begs the question:  How long will Americans continue to go along with being treated like cattle; feeding, putting on weight being herded up and slaughtered year-after-year for the tax revenue?  Then, their good name used to sell their children into debt slavery for generations for a totally corrupt federal government?

How long?

The Point of No Return

Obviously, there is no way to empirically know in advance when “the point of no return” is reached in historical transition periods.  It is also difficult to know when the world might be right in the middle of passing that point.  Only hindsight and data analysis clearly shows those turning points in the rear view mirror.  However events, as they are unfolding right now, argue strongly that we are very close to a major turn in the future history of America.  Consequentially as well, there is a coincident turn in our global civilization, given America’s enormous impact on world affairs.

Many people have been enamored of the popular book, “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy,” by William Strauss and Neil Howe since its publication in the 90’s.  It was not a particularly defining book for anyone having even peripherally studied historical and economic cycles and the works of other authors on the subject.  However, it was a handy summary of how those cycles collide to reach a “nexus point.”  Studies such as  Dr. Joesph Tainter’s 1988 book, “The Collapse of Complex Societies,” are more illuminating from the standpoint of the archaeological evidence that shows the commonalities between various major societal collapse events over 5000 years of history.

Such events or transitions, in general, are more easily understood in view  of continuing and consistent behavior rather than being particular events in time.  Generally economic, political and social behaviors have all reached a nadir.  If certain behaviors are sustained the turning point reaches the inevitable break point.  Both subtly and overtly, whether intellectually analyzed or viscerally felt by the population as a whole, I’d speculate that most folks today believe we’re at “the point of no return.”

This writer believes there should be little doubt, in 2015, that the “neoclassical economic synthesis” lies at the heart of the turning about to commence.  Neoclassical economics in practice, in conjunction with the global central bank cartel and fiat currency regime, is the core of destruction and the “hollowing-out” that is proceeding within the entire global financial and government fiscal structure.  The injection of trillions of dollars, euros and yen liquidity via the various central banks have propped-up and forestalled the inevitable reconciliation of debt for almost 7 years.  The next downleg is set to begin in the next two years.  The doubling, tripling and, in some debt sectors, quadrupling of debt levels in the last 6 years is coming to a head.

In contrast, it is the Classical economic model in conjunction with the adjunct explanations offered through the Austrian School that offers the only full explanation for the behavior of both free and regulated markets and their business cycles.  It also explains why, at this point, there is no escaping the enormous destruction about to proceed in the next turn, which was described in chapter 6 of  “The Citizen’s Last Stand:  Are YOU Ready?” as “The Grand Correction.”

Blowing inter-galactic levels of liquidity into the system has created a temporary lull in that inevitable Correction and, in consequence, made the final reckoning many times larger and more devastating to the long term economy.  It has re-inflated the market and real estate bubbles and provided a mirage of economic activity through government spending and deficits.  For the “hot money” (well-connected and speculative investors) in the top-end of various markets it has created grand opportunities to take money from the rest of the market suckers, thinking they’re following an actual “economic trend.”  The suckers better be smart enough to know when to get out, before the turn, or everything they thought they had will immediately disappear.  Pension funds and the bond markets will be hit the hardest behind the equity markets.

For a more in-depth review and guide how to navigate the coming storm, after my own volume, I highly recommend James Rickards 2014 book, “The Death of Money:  The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System.”   While Mr. Rickards has a slightly different take on some of the features of the take-down, we’re 96% on the same page and it is a wonderful reference.  Mental awareness and preparation are the two greatest tools anyone could have at their disposal between now and 2020.

The Politics of Tribalism

There’s no varnish that can shine up the next few paragraphs. The race-baiting, race hustler/peddler/scammer Al Sharpton is filling the airwaves and cable news with his one-man campaign to stir-up racial hatred, incite riots and civil unrest.  This populist charlatan is doing his ‘best’ work these days to insure the cause of racial harmony is set-back a couple generations.  He knows therein lies his hope of ‘best’ success.  Sharpton is literally a one-man sideshow promoted by MSNBC.  However for the rest of us lies ruin, including for African-Americans.

Sharpton began his race-baiting national career via the Bensonhurst incident and co-opting the then 15-year old Tawana Brawley and her false rape charges.  Since then, he’s built a continuing corrupt enterprise through his National Action Network.  Racing from one potential racial housefire-hustle to the next, Sharpton stokes each one long enough to get the national media inflamed, his donor list pumped up and then runs to the next one.

He’s likely the ‘best’ dissembling, duplicitous-populist-self-promoter to come along in a generation or so.  He has little relationship with the truth and, frankly, why should he?  The truth, in his skillful hands, has little to no place in the discussion.  He succeeds by feeding into longstanding myths and fallacies.   His best art is misdirection and the specious statement.

Amazingly, he seems to be doing such a fine job getting the latest string of police shootings, take-downs and incidents converted into a racial detonation that even liberal African-American leaders are beginning to criticize his methods and message.  Albeit they’re way too slow and way too late.  Conservative African-American leaders have long criticized Sharpton to no avail.  Sharpton and his outriggers have the majority of blacks convinced such conservative voices are “Uncle Tom’s.”

Will any of them succeed in taking down such misdirected politics of race?  Likely not and here’s why:  The entire population has been so long trained in the ‘politics of tribalism’ and the completely fallacious ‘group rights’ concepts. They have done so at the expense of individual rights.  So much so that most conservatives seem no better equipped to understand why the message of victim-hood and ‘collective right’ is a fundamental myth.  The entire population are forced to talk and think about African-Americans as a tribe because that is the way so many think of themselves.  Groupthink is what enables ultimate control, even though it is the most inhuman and inhumane way to think if one actually wants freedom and liberty to be fundamental values of their society and governance.

So many of the most ardent and intelligent conservatives buy into some form of “collective right” artificial construct.  They espouse different forms, such as “corporate rights” but it is the part and parcel of the same fallacious special and collective rights concept.  They also give rhetorical cover to such artifice as “women’s rights” and “human rights” attempting to avoid the wrath of the politically correct crowd.  Instead they should be categorically rejecting same for the myths they represent.

As explained in the 3-part series of articles being posted starting here, the proper understanding and definition of rights lends itself to being endowed only upon individualsAll other attempted applications are myths and totally erroneous.  However, more than a century of propaganda and education have done their job well.

This, in fact, is probably the greatest single battle of our age that remains to be finally joined: the elimination of the artificial construct and legal structure that has built-up around ‘special,’ group or collective ‘rights.’  The series of fundamental legislative and  judicial errors and legal policy constructions of the 19th and 20th centuries will continue to destroy the cause of freedom and liberty until this battle is recognized and fully joined.

So many Americans of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds have bought-in to the collective right myths to their detriment.  However, African-Americans have probably the highest degree of buy-in.  They have been co-opted to the highest degree by “limousine liberals” and their own leaders.  They fail to recognize how the federal and state plantation of government subsidy, benefit and control has been substituted for the southern plantation of the old south.  No whippin’s are needed when benign buy-in can more easily be obtained through taxpayer and deficit-generated largesse and programs.  Nor do many seem to realize how it has also generated some perverse cultural or ethnic/racial behaviors.

When a Euro-American gets arrested or commits a moderate to serious crime, even the most heinous, I don’t feel any ‘group guilt’ that somehow it reflects upon me as a Euro-American.  How could it?  Why could it?  I look at and treat every individual one at a time as they come in accordance with how they treat me as an individual.

Not even when some criminal is part of the specific Irish or Scottish (most of my heritage) “tribe” I may happen to belong to, do I feel any ‘group-guilt’ for the acts of that individual.  That whole concept is bizarre.  How or why I should feel some sort of guilt or responsibility for the actions of another person because we happen to be of the same ethnic, cultural or racial background?  That seems a pretty ridiculous concept on its face.

Maybe, if they were an immediate part of my family…however even then, if we’re not a family of criminals, I might feel ashamed but not guilty of anything.  If 95% of all Scots-Irish Americans were committing virtually all the crime, doing all the drugs, having all the abortions, had the highest rate of divorce and dysfunctional families, it casts no reflection on me whatsoever, nor should it.  Why would it?  I don’t do any of those things.

Afro-Americans, or any minority, allowing themselves to continue buying-in and be exploited by such concepts like racial shame, guilt or anything like it due to the actions of others, are a mystery to me.  Anymore than I should or would feel some form of racial guilt because earlier and other Europeans and Euro-Americans at one time enslaved, hated or segregated African-Americans.  Such views are complete and utter bullshit.   All people are individuals, free and independent to conduct their lives in any manner they choose as long as they respect my rights to do the same.

People that feel and act as collectivists are allowing others to define, control and keep them on that plantation without true freedom, liberty and self-determination.  It is precisely that control which has obviously greatly harmed their culture and family structure.  In fact, it has damn near destroyed the culture and family structure for so many.  Yet, they persist in believing the myth, handed to and controlling them, willingly embraced.  As long as they do, others are in charge of them and they have given up their actual individual rights without even a fight.

European-Americans are next in line with their own form of state and federal plantation with corporate and personal loan or direct subsidies, tax credits, loan guarantees, grants and the like.  Here it’s not so much a cultural but an economic plantation they live on.  It is both in the thinking that groups have rights, are owed something or entitled as a group that locks all the groups onto the government plantation.   It is also what keeps America divided so the race-baiters and haters and political opportunists of all stripes can take advantage.  Primarily it keeps the government in control of the plantation, to the detriment of all people.

The shootings of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, and the take-down of Eric Garner, each was an individual event with its own circumstances.  The only pattern here is that each was committed by people, each with their own prejudices, poor training, bad behaviors, personal foibles and agendas.  However, until all Americans are properly educated into what actual rights, freedoms and liberties truly are, the negative reinforcement pattern we are in will continue.  To the extent that justice is not done in each case and outcome, we ALL suffer the loss.  The tragic thing is that the current paradigm of mass ignorance and disinformation disallows justice instead of serving it.  And, it allows the political opportunists of both political stripes to use each incident for their own self-serving political agendas to keep Americans divided and true rights, liberties and freedoms on the ropes.  It enables centralized control to be the true nature of governance in the United States.

The Problem of Centralized vs Distributed Government- Part 2

Note:  This article is the second in a three-part series that will discuss the issue of rights, the intended formation and organization of our government and how that relates to the issue of state nullification and interposition, among others in the future.  Readers may first wish to review Part 1, prior to continuing with this article.

There is a common and objective understanding of rights that stands apart from personal belief or opinion.  Or, at least, it should be “self-evident” if one understands that term.  By “common,” is meant the understanding that is universal to all individual sentient, thinking beings that understand the concept of  “I” and how, in context, they relate the same understanding (knowledge and respect for rights of other individuals) to all other individual thinking, sentient beings one may encounter.

By “objective,” is meant the understanding that best implements a successful, cooperative and voluntary exchange of all things regarding life, liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and property.  Or, for any other thing that is discovered to fall within a direct extension of those rights or others discovered to be truly held in “common” amongst all individuals (“reserved” rights).

Those things mostly fall into the area of Liberty.   You own yourself which means you exclusively own your rights.  Liberties and freedom are how you exercise your exclusive ownership of those rights.  In terms of governance, government based on protection of individual rights and liberties is the only successful way found so far to govern any large population of people for the long-term.  That makes freedom and liberty paramount.

However, there is an opposing view that says there is no such thing as an objective view common to all.  The opponents believe all rights and liberties are subjective and that even true unalienable rights can be selectively restricted or subordinated in favor of  abstractions called “group” or “collective” rights.  Strangely (or maybe not), such beliefs range from those who identify themselves as everything from “strict Constitutionalists” to “living Constitution” believers.  Can that opposing view actually be operative and true?

It would seem obvious it cannot unless, of course, one believes analogies such as ‘new math’ changes the actual operation of things like gravity or electricity, too.  Maybe if we apply Common Core learning techniques to gravity it will be more forgiving and enhance our self-esteem?  Or, further applied to unalienable rights, have us believe that such things as my right to life and self-defense are not immutable as well.  On the contrary, there is obviously such a thing as self-evident truth in regard to rights and liberties that obliterates the subjective view.

Thus, an objective understanding and definition does not lend itself to complete misnomers (or discussion shorthand) such as corporate rights, animal rights, housing, health, food, or any other kind of “special rights.”  Special rights are “group rights” which is to say, they are meaningless abstractions similar to the idea of the “social mind.”

So do group rights have any legitimacy?  Not likely.  Select groups within a population can have no special rights outside those rights everyone has.  Such a belief is the complete inversion of everything self-evidently contained within the meaning of “rights.”  Those so-called “special rights,” if legitimate in any part, could only entail what the Founders designated “delegated powers.”

What then, are “delegated powers?”  Obviously, delegated powers can only come from individual rights as direct extensions of those rights.   Delegated powers cannot then, by definition, exceed or usurp the original individual right.  Delegated powers are a direct subset of individual rights granted to things or entities, such as governments whether local, state or federal, corporations or other such groups or entities.  “Entities” are not living breathing persons but fictional “persons” and so do not obtain and are not endowed with rights, only granted those delegated powers by the original holders of rights:  individuals.

Next, to understand how delegated powers work, comes the definitions of the two great classes of rights: unalienable and alienable.  The root word in both is “lien.”   A “lien” is an “encumbrance, claim or contract” against a right.  “Unalienable,” then, means those rights cannot have an inherent claim, encumbrance or contract against them through your birth or at any time in your life, unless you consciously and voluntarily create one. No other person can hold a pre-existing claim against your life, liberty or Pursuit of Happiness and property or enforce one not voluntarily entered into.

The law-abiding retain all unalienable rights at all times.   Subsequent to your birth no valid claim can be created against those rights unless you or your natural assigns create it or can’t defend against a legitimate claim established by another.  “Alienable” means others can have a claim, encumbrance or contract against rights.  However, to pursue a claim requires “due process.”   That’s how “all men are created equal” under the law.  Next, comes the delegation of power.

A delegated power is not a surrender of a right.  It is a temporary contracting of a component of a right.  That extremely important distinction seems to be lost on many.  Another way to look at it is a temporary loan of each individual’s sovereignty.  When a population of people, within specific geographic boundaries, each loan a portion of their individual sovereignty (as in “The People”) that act creates a government or other entity from grants or delegations of power.

However, a delegated power has to be recoverable.  A delegated power cannot, by definition, exceed the original grant from the right.  No government can legitimately lay ultimate claim to ownership of any right or subsequent delegation of power while operating in your stead.  A government process cannot be created that legitimizes converting a right into a privilege.  That process itself would be illegitimate.

So where does that leave such ideas as, “collective rights?”  If one understands the definitions given above it’s self-evident there is no such thing as “collective rights.”  Even when organized into legal entities groups only have “collective delegated powers,” to operate under, not rights.  Those entities may then have further delegations by representative government entities to commercial ones to enable such things as Licenses, Charters, Registries, Permits and Articles of Incorporation, etc., granted by the state.  Those could be called “2nd tier powers.”   That is a tenuous connection to anything that could be actually considered a “collective right.”  Very tenuous, indeed.  It certainly cannot exceed the right of individuals.

Another attempt has been made since the 30s to establish the concept of  “human rights” and conflate the term with “individual rights.”  It, too,  is a propaganda trick of manipulative centralizers, mostly liberal but sometimes conservatives attempt to co-opt the term, too.  All humans each have individual rights but no one has additional set of  “human rights” as some kind of collective set of rights beyond their individual rights.  It is clever, though, how Abraham Lincoln’s old adage has worked so well for so long:  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”  Lincoln was not an unknowing practitioner of his own saying.

With the foregoing understanding of rights vs delegated powers how about we dive into some of the crucial issues, such as State Powers, Nullification and Interposition, the Compact Theory of states and so forth in Part 3?

The Problem With Centralized vs Distributed Governance-Part 1

Note:  This article is the first in a three-part series that will discuss the origin of rights, the intended formation and organization of our government and how that relates to such issues as state nullification and interposition, public lands, jurisdiction and the production of a “free, independent people and states.”

“The problem is choice.”  That line, uttered by the character Neo in the 2nd installment of  “The Matrix: Reloaded” movie series, exemplifies most current dilemmas we face in the United States Republic and around the world, today.   It’s not for nothing that “The Matrix” and “The Hunger Games” are two of the most globally-popular story and movie franchises of the opening years of the 21st Century.  Such popular movies are a barometer of other things happening across cultures.

The problem of fundamental choice, continually  facing the protagonists in both of those franchises, is critical in determining whether humans will be free or enslaved as individuals.  The two storylines are globally popular for exactly the same reason.  Individual choice in desiring to be free is the ultimate driver of all human affairs, most typically exercised in political terms in resistance to tyrannical control and enslavement.

The issue of our choice  in governance is paramount and whether it will result in a fully centralized or ultimately distributed system in the United States.  As is always true, the best choice can only be made in a fully-informed manner.  No one would seriously argue that it is possible to design, build and maintain a modern electrical power grid without the fundamental understanding of Ohms Law and each of its permutations.

Yet, we find in America of the 21st century most citizens and voters, elected officials, bureaucrats and media believe we can run an advanced, modern Republic without  as much as a rudimentary understanding of natural law, rights, liberties and free market economics.  Or, for that matter, an actual understanding of the original architecture of that Republic.  Most citizens fail at every turn to recognize their role as sovereign, to practice it beyond the most minimal duty of voting once in awhile.  In fact, the average American is propagandized to believe that a “sovereign” is equivalent to a terrorist, even though every American in our system, by definition, is a sovereign.  They must further believe that such systems as ours run on autopilot.

Centralized government systems may, for a few decades at least, appear to operate adequately then fall under the weight of myriad bureaucracies spawned under such misunderstood architectures.  The history of the 20th Century traces that path over and over again.  Each centralized government system fails successively.  Some last only a few years, some decades depending on the degree of centralization and coercion.  A few may even last beyond a century when apparently benign (though not actually), if they fail to successfully revolve into more distributed systems.  The more centralized and coercive, the faster the failure.  Because they are centralized, when they fail, they fail catastrophically from the center radiating outward in every aspect.

Distributed systems are much more robust and resilient against massive failure while operating very well at higher rates of internal productivity.   All systems in nature are mostly distributed in a manner as to not fail all at once.  Many sub-parts can fail over and over and keep coming back.  While individual species of plants and animals can and do fail completely, the system of life and nature as a whole are robust enough to continually replace the failures with new or adapted species.  The only possible extinction level events for life as a whole likely involve the complete and utter destruction of the planet.  And, if humans become smart enough at some point, even that eventuality can be avoided by finding a redundant planet or  habitation point to carry the population and a lot of other earth species.

Resolution of this obvious disconnect in governance (being more and more centralized)  during the next couple decades will not only determine the fate of those of us here in the United States but likely most of the rest of the world.  The ultimate issue is tyranny vs freedom.  The main constituencies involved are the collectivists vs the individual.

No one can seriously argue against the fact that the federal government was set-up to be limited and minimally centralized.  Yet, the debate now usually circles around just how unlimited and centralized it will be.  The rubicon has been crossed.  In either case, most people erroneously believe that “limited” is synonymous with efficient.   However, the fact remains, the federal government was not set-up to be efficient, only limited.

If it was set-up to be efficient we would have a Unitary government.  We would have something akin to a General Secretariat and “President-for-Life” or “Emperor,” not a Congress and regularly-elected President’s.  Even our centralized portion of government,  only granted power for an extremely limited federal system, was purposefully further divided with checks and balances to keep it limited.  Anyone who brings up the efficient government argument in context to the federal government is barking up the wrong tree.  Fascism, in the 20th century was found to be efficient government and also ultimately most efficient at creating death and destruction.

Centralization as the sole organizing principle is demonstrably failing virtually everywhere; socially, politically, financially and culturally if one cares to look objectively and non-ideologically.  That’s for good reason.  Coerced collectivism and centralization is fundamentally at odds with both natural order and consequently, human behavior.  Whether that order has been endowed by a Creator or cosmologically (meaning via scientifically defined laws) organized changes nothing in the self-evident universe we live in.  In the universe of Man, what is, simply is.  That’s the “self-evident” part.  “New math” could change the definition but not the operation of gravity, nor can personal opinion change the fact that “all men are created equal….”

For almost the entirety of the last century the government and institutions of government and society have been busily persuading or demanding of us that our key organizing principle must (or will) always be centralized.  Even as their functions multiplied and they obviously became even more inefficient, bloated and unwieldy.  That has been occurring even though the original architecture, organization and implementation of our system of government and economics was set-up to be minimally centralized and maximally distributed by the Founder’s.

For the last 80 years, first through contemporary fashion (clamoring to be led to safety) and later increasing misdirection, no effort has been spared by a super-majority of our educational, social, cultural and political institutions to insure that centralization is our only key organizing principle for all government.  The last few years, as these efforts have increased, the debate has engaged on many discussion threads and exchanges online, in public forums or privately on the subjects of natural law, the Declaration and the Constitution.  Those exchanges include Constitutional scholars and law professors, elected officials at all levels, informed conservatives and liberals on a whole slew of related issues.

No matter how complex or in-depth the issue one finds that each time any higher-level disagreement is encountered it almost always comes back to a fundamental disconnect on just a few very important first principles and terms.  Most of the time it involves just two areas:  individual rights vs delegated powers or “collective rights.”  For many it involves a basic misunderstanding of the definition of “rights.”  Many individuals struggle to properly apply the correct definitions to their immediate or extensive thinking or to understand how those things apply to common governance and the functioning of the intended Republic vs the “Republic” we have.

Where does all this prologue lead us?  Back to the problem of choice and whether we choose to have a centralized government dominate us or a distributed government represent us.  In Part 2, the discussion will move to the definitions and understanding of rights vs delegated powers and how they apply to a variety of current issues and topics.